Russell Wilson arrives at Denver Broncos training in Starwood style!

July 28th, 2022 by

The NFL is gearing up for another exciting season and that starts at mid summer camps across the country. While the rookie players have already reported to get up to speed with their new roles on the professional level, the veterans aren’t  required to attend until late July when the full team assembles to get prepared for the long season ahead. In this new era of sports, just arriving at camp has become somewhat of a red carpet event. Players tend to show off unique styles, personal branding, and some showcase the rides that get them from point A to B. Thus was the case yesterday when Denver Broncos new franchise QB, Russell Wilson was captured arriving at camp in his 2021 Ram 2500, fully customized by our guys here at Starwood Customs. BUGOUT was theme of this truck and we went all the way into the woods with upgrades and components here. Massive front bumper, custom built exo cage with survival accessories included, plenty of lights for night-time travel and of course, our Starwood Signature Finish in Magnetic Metallic. Custom panels were fabricated and form fitted to the sides of the Ram for some extra beef, 40″ tires on 20″ military style wheels and CB radio are also included on the truck.

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