Starwood Motors Consignment Program

October 24th, 2022 by

Looking to upgrade to a new vehicle for the winter months? Maybe it’s time replace that convertible with a coupe! Do you have a vehicle that just doesn’t get driven anymore and you need to clear some room in the garage? Whatever the reason may be, let Starwood Motors Consignment program help speed the process up.  From custom tailoring each listing to high quality photography and a precise detail, our team of Automotive experts can ensure your vehicle will be front line ready and displayed properly among every avenue at our disposal.

We have the ability to take trade-ins which gives you access to market your car to the additional 80% of customers who need to sell their car to buy a newer one. In addition, we have numerous financing options at our fingertips furthering our capabilities to move your vehicle seamlessly.

This Porsche 356 Speedster was brought in as a part of our Consignment Program. The owner had held on to it for many years but he got to the point where he just didn’t have the time to enjoy it and felt like it was time to move on and find it a new home. We were able to give it a fresh detail and a solid catalogue of photographs and let the internet do the rest! Just a few short weeks after listing, we had a buyer fly in and after a quick demonstration, was ready to sign the paperwork and make it theirs! Simple process for both parties.