October 7th, 2022 by

At the top of the luxury off-road market stands the Range Rover brand and more specifically a new incarnation of the Land Rover Defender. Known for their incredible overlanding capabilities, the Defender has long been a sought after vehicle for drivers who enjoy the comforts of luxury driving but crave some adventure off the beaten path. In a collaboration with Wheel Experts, we were able to get our hands on a 2023 v8 model for the first time and went to work installing a WideTrack kit from a bespoke English company called Urban Automotive. The kit includes light bar, rear spoiler, side and hood vents, front aeroblades and 22″ Urban WX-2 Wheels. If that wasn’t enough, we also installed a Milltek exhaust system that transforms the sound of this Luxury SUV, to if  blindfolded, you  might think is a sports car! The final product is a dominating profile of aggressive custom styling on the already distinctly recognizable platform of Land Rover.

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